Q & A’s

What do I need to become a Montezuma’s franchisee?

Apart from energy, passion, a love of customers and being prepared to work hard on your business full-time you will need access to between $450k – $600k (includes all fees and set-up costs). In most cases a large portion of this can be financed through bank finance using a combination of existing capital, a mortgage over existing assets and a mortgage over the new restaurant.

What do I get?

The opportunity to own and run your own Montezuma’s restaurant after receiving comprehensive training in all aspects of running the restaurant. Access to the systems, recipes and procedures of one of Australia’s oldest and best known family Mexican franchised restaurants plus all the support you need to find a location including the design and fit-out of your new Montezuma’s

What hours will I trade?

The trading hours are set by the Montezuma’s operating standard. Opening hours are usually 7 days a week lunch and dinner and most Public Holidays.

What is the process to becoming a Montezuma’s Franchisee?

Please refer to the 7 Steps to becoming a Montezuma’s Franchisee

Do I need to be actively involved in running the Restaurant?

Yes. Montezuma’s believes having a passionate well trained and committed franchisee overseeing the running of the restaurant on a day to day basis is one of the key success factors.

How long is the franchise agreement and what are the upfront and ongoing fees?

10 years, $50 000 ex GST and 6% of gross sales paid weekly

Can I own more than one Montezuma’s restaurant?

Once a franchisee has demonstrated the successful and profitable operation of the first restaurant for more than one year they can be considered for a second location.

Do I need to have previous restaurant experience?

No restaurant experience is needed although previous experience leading a team or department, dealing with customers or project management will be an advantage. Your passion, focus and commitment to training and ongoing care of your customers while following the Montezuma’s system are the most important elements to your success

How much money can I expect to earn?

There are many factors that can affect the financial performance of any business and Montezuma’s cannot predict to what degree a business will be successful. However, by thoroughly researching the business, the trading environment and following the Montezuma’s system closely the risks associated with a new restaurant can be reduced.

What if I don’t have enough money, will Montezuma’s finance me?

Montezuma’s will not provide finance however you can have one or more business partners to be shareholders to ensure that you have enough money.

I’m interested, what do I do now?

Complete the Enquiry Form and submit it to Montezuma’s. We will be in touch shortly to have a general discussion. If we’re both comfortable to proceed we will send you an application form that needs to be completed before we can progress your application. See the 7-Steps to becoming a Montezuma’s Franchisee.

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