About our food?


At Montezuma’s we use the freshest locally sourced ingredients wherever possible with the exception of some of the herbs, spices, craft beer and tequila which come from Mexico of course.  Our food is not hot in the Tex-Mex style of Mexican food, however if you like your Mexican hot we have a 5 different levels of chilli to add a little spice to your meal.

All meals are house made on the premises to ensure you get the freshest flavours. We use convection ovens for most meals and as all food is made to order, if it’s particularly busy, food may take a little longer.

Most meals are Gluten Free and many can be made either Vegetarian or Vegan. We have a separate Vegetarian / Vegan menu available. Here’s a link to our Vegan Menu

Entradas are a selection of smaller entrè style meals like the Mexican favourite Chilli Con Carne. A tasty dish simmered with ground beef, tomatoes, frijoles, onions, herbs & spices garnished with cheese & shallots served with heated corn chips.

Comidas are midsize meals suitable for the whole family! #1 Montezuma’s Delight is a unique dish that has been a healthy favourite of Montezuma’s customers from day one. The combination of frijoles, cheese, a diced vegetable salad, ranchero sauce and sour cream topped with sweet black olives is truly unique. There are vegetarian, vegan, beef, chicken or pulled pork options.

Combinaciones are bigger meals that as the name suggests are some of the more popular combinations. The #27 Durango tops the list and is a combination of two enchiladas, one chicken & one beef served with Spanish rice and frijoles. Another firm favourite is #31 San Fransisco, a chicken and sour cream enchilada and a beef burrito served with Spanish rice.

For something a little different try a # 8 Tamale Pie – a tasty mixture of ground beef, sultanas, olives, sweet corn, Mexican spices, herbs, topped with cheese, served with Spanish rice and Montezuma’s salad.

Niños are smaller meals for our younger Montezumites. Not only are these meals a little more manageable from a size perspective they are also neither spicy nor expensive.

Postres are probably the best part of any meal and worth waiting for….. The Aztecs new a thing or two about chocolate, they discovered it after all, so why not try a delicious Mexican Date Cake served warm with walnut & syrup topping and ice-cream or Churros, a mouth watering Mexican style donut covered in cinnamon sugar served with delicious dipping sauce and ice-cream.

Please enjoy your restaurant – relax, smile, laugh, smile some more, eat, drink, eat some more & make some new friends.

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