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What do I need to become a Montezuma’s franchisee?

We’re looking for franchisees with energy, great people skills and a desire to work hard to make their business a success. You will need access to around $450 – $600k, which includes all fees and set-up costs. In most cases, a large portion of this can be financed through banks, using a combination of existing capital, a mortgage over existing assets and a mortgage over the new restaurants.

What’s part of the package?

You’ll have the freedom to run your own business, while receiving comprehensive training & support, as well as being part of a nationally successful brand recognised for quality. You’ll have access to the systems, recipes and procedures of one of Australia’s oldest and best-known family Mexican franchise restaurants. We’ll help you with the location, design and fit-out of your new restaurant. We’re with you every step of the way.

Are trading hours regulated?

Montezuma’s trading hours are set across the country. Opening hours are usually 7 days a week, lunch and dinner and most Public Holidays.

Do I need to be actively involved in running the restaurant?

Yes , you’re a key part of its success. We believe having a passionate, well trained & committed Franchisee overseeing restaurant operations is integral

How long is the franchise agreement and what are the upfront and ongoing fees?

The franchise agreement term is aligned to the term of your if you have a 7-year lease you will be offered a 7 year franchise agreement. If you have a 10-year lease you will be offered a 10 year franchise agreement. An upfront franchise fee is due, with the amount being determined by the length of the franchise agreement offered. Ongoing franchise royalties are charged as 6% of sales, paid weekly.

Is there a Marketing Levy?

No, however franchisees are required to spend a minimum of 1% of their restaurant’s total revenue on approved local marketing to promote their restaurant

Can I own more than one Montezuma’s?

After demonstrating successful and profitable operation of a franchise restaurant for more than one year, a franchisee can be considered for a second location.

Do I need to have previous restaurant experience?

While previous experience in team management is an advantage, no restaurant experience is needed. We’ll provide you with all the training you need; the most important elements of your success are passion, commitment and people skills.

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